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                                                                                                               Thank you for making the path clear for all of us that came and continue to come behind you... 

  Grandmother - Jesse K. Johnson

We are an advocate for SENIOR CITIZENS' and DISABLED CITIZENS' rights to be treated with patience, respect, and dignity at all times.

We come from a generation who's ministry was serving the Lord and others.  This was instilled in us by strong men and women.  Namely, my mother Christine, father Flinnoia Sr, and where would we be without my grandmother Jessie Kate Johnson.  She was a Licensed Practical Nurse (in a day and time where it wasn't even allowed) until her retirement.

Here at Senior Citizens Advocate we pride ourselves in the engineering of aid and assistance to senior citizens and disabled citizens.  Our goal is to subside the staggering statistics that plague our communities.  Where there is help needed we prevail in our efforts to promote awareness and help senior citizens and disabled citizens receive the advantage of convenience along with a solid support system.

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